How to write the perfect introductory dating message

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The importance of introducing yourself in the online world

Whether you’re dating in Kingston, Canada or Boston, USA, when doing it in the online world, it’s even more important to convey a sense of who you are with the mindful use of proper language. If you haven’t used the lessons from your old high school English classes yet in your life, now is where they will come in handy. The proper composition of a first date message is absolutely paramount if you want to introduce yourself properly and impress her online. Of course, writing dating messages isn’t exactly rocket science, but it’s not necessarily obvious either. Women, as we know, are truly unique and mysterious creatures – even if you get the dating messages down-packed, there’s still a good chance that she’ll skip your conversation and hope right into the next one. The best you can do is send as many mindful, strategic messages as you possibly can, then sit back and hope for the best. To maximize your chances of success, here are a few tips that have worked out for me.

Stand out from the crowd

Keep in mind that women on online dating sites tend to get dozens – if not hundreds – of initial dating messages every day. This means that you have a drove of competitors to plow your way through if you’re looking to win her heart. When it comes to dating online, the importance of standing out from the crowd cannot be understated. If you’re wondering how to stand out from the crowd properly, just keep reading.

Captivate her

While this is easier said than done, you need to captivate her using your language if you’re looking to eventually win her heart. This means that she should be interested in you right from the get-go, right after she reads your initial dating message. You need to take a good look at her profile and take in the type of person she is with the limited information she presents you with. Of course, in some cases, women tend to write the whole of their personas into their online dating profiles, providing volumes of information for you to work with. In these cases, you’re very lucky, because you won’t have any shortage of content to pull some inspiration out of. In any case, you need to work with what you have, and base your conversation on what kind of info she provides you with.

Ask her a personalized question

Once you’ve gotten a comprehensive grasp of her online dating profile, it’s time to ask her a personalized question as your introduction. I’ve found this method to be by far the most effective, since women tend to love being asked questions. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all women, but the vast majority of the women I’ve asked personal questions to as a form of introduction have at least answered the question, and those answers typically lead to further conversation down the line. Now, she won’t necessarily provide you with a plethora of information in her profile for you to pull some questions out of. In fact, in some cases, women write only a sentence or two in their online dating profile, and pair that alongside a couple of pictures. When talking to those kind of women, I like to comment on the clothes they wore in their picture, or ask a funny question based on those clothes. It’s all about strategy and improvisation here – be mindful of the conversation, and you’ll likely benefit from it.

How to write the perfect introductory dating message
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