How to successfully write dating messages that get dates

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The point of online dating is to get dates

While Kirklees, UK residents likely understand this already, it’s important to state here that the point of online dating is to get dates. Of course, some people are simply at home and bored, so they sign up to online dating forums in order to fill the void in their boredom. However, these are largely a minority of people – the majority of those who use online dating websites are single people who are looking to have some fun and connect with other singles in their area. In doing so, the onus is on us men to properly captivate the attention of the women we’re speaking with. When getting dates is the main priority, the importance of writing dating messages mindfully and strategically can not be overstated.

Make it somewhat of an interview

By this point, I’m sure we all know that women love being asked questions. Questions give her the window to divulge some information regarding her passions, her hopes and dreams, and even her hears. If you ask the right question to the right woman – at the right time – this will undoubtedly impress her, and your chances of meeting up with her will effectively shoot through the roof.

Keep in mind the competition

What’s important to note when online dating is that most of the women who use these websites have to deal with droves of men who send them first dating messages all the time. Now, while this might seem like a big disadvantage to work through, keep in mind that the majority of these men are mindless pigs who are simply sending the women a picture of their junk as a way to say “hello”. Because you have a few levels more civility than that, you place great emphasis on composing the ideal first dating message that will captivate her attention. That’s good, because the use of proper language in this endeavor will be your best friend.

Read into what she’s saying

Of course, if you simply receive a reply to your initial dating message, your hard work is very far from being over. Now it’s time for you to be an attentive, interesting conversationalist, and properly read into everything she’s saying. Women can instantly tell when the man they’re speaking with loses interest in them. Any slide of attention on your part will likely go instantly punished – by that, I mean that she’ll simply opt to open the conversation box of the next man on her message list if you don’t bring your A-game to the table.

When the window appears, ask her out

After asking her mindful questions and offering her intriguing answers, there might come a window of silence. That window of silence could very well be an indicator that the conversation has dropped dead and she is simply spending her time chatting with someone else. Or, on the other hand, the silence might be her way of waiting for you to make a tangible approach and ask her out. In any case, if the conversation prior to that point has been positive enough, you really have nothing to lose by asking her out on a nice date. If she says no, you can simply move on to the other women that you’re interested in on the site. No harm, no foul. If she says yes, however, you actually have a hot date on your hands, and it’s time to get yourself ready for the next step.

How to successfully write dating messages that get dates
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